Three (3) Hours Trek

DRY CREEK TREK (Approximately 2-km trek that can be considered median in term of difficulty . This is a dry creek bed with plenty of river rocks and can be slippery. Flora and Fauna in this trek is quite fascinating as the cover on both sides of the creek abounds. This is also considered a mossy forest as most of the length of trek is not penetrated by sunlight. You would like this area if you particularly enjoy the ferns. Good pair of shoes with grips is a must).

TRES PICO TREK (This is a trip to the town’s water source. The distance is approximately 2km but the last 200m is bordering to bouldering for new trekkers. Legs and arms strength is needed to navigate huge rocks to make it to the top. Upon reaching the TRES PICO which means three peaks, pull out a pipe for a gush of water and a refreshing shower. Once again a good pair of good sneakers would definitely help.)

CIVET CAT TRAIL (This is an old coffee plantation inside the forest where the locals forage for the civet cat droppings, claimed to be the best tasting coffee in the planet. This trek could be the best one for coffee connoisseur but not limited to coffee lovers alone as the coolness of the forest provides a beautiful experience for nature lovers. This trek is considered as the easiest of them all as the forest walk is straight forward. Watch out for holes and gaps in between rocks. Check for stability. Once again, a good pair of sneakers is a must

Six (6) Hours Trek

VIEW DECK TREK (From the BK Valley outpost, a little downhill uneven steps naturally carved  by the hooves of horses constantly digging while carrying local crops. This area could be slippery as clayish mud is present during the rainy season. Be careful.  An easy 500m walk to the opposite side of the ridge could be fun as birds usually frolic this area. Local Nightjars normally nests here so watch your steps. From here it is all uphill going through a thick forest. The steep climb is also accentuated with protruding roots that can be of help to pull up tiring legs. Flora in this area is quite fascinating as Jade Vines abounds. The presence of flowering Medenilla’s on top of tall trees as if they were air plants is a sight to see. The climbing bamboo locally called “Usiw” which could be a nuisance at times is not only a great help for an easier climb but also a good source of water when needed. Just cut two nodes and let it drip in a cup and after a few minutes, presto! a cup of good tasting, refreshing extra clean water. Challenges of this trek will keep you going till you make it to the “Deck”. View will captivate even the most discerning climber. On a clear day, the whole of Tayabas Bay can be seen. On the other side of the mountain part of Laguna Bay is also visible. Batangas mountain ranges looks great from this vantage point too. But of course, let us not forget the  BK Valley view from the top. It sure looks good! Lunch is served the native way in this little plateau. The way back is a bit longer but easier. This route takes the trekkers through Sayote Vines and  highland vegetable plantations. At the bottom of this walk is where the community of BK Valley is. Here is where our farmers live. If the trekkers are lucky they may see local vegetable produce being prepared for the market in town the next day.)

KINABUHAYAN TREK (Bring your  swimming gear as this is a trek to the river. This is an easy downhill 3kms trek to the Barangay of Kinabuhayan, the main community this side of Mt. Banahaw. Upon reaching the place, a man-made cave visit is the first stop. From there, dip your feet in cold water on your way to the swimming hole called Santos Colegio. Using huge boulders as diving boards, the place is not for the faint hearted. Be careful. Trekkers can also venture in nearby little waterfalls. The swim is limited to 2 hours only. Trek back to BK Valley is after the river lunch which is provided by the host. Souvenirs items can also be bought in this area so don’t forget to bring some loose change.)

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