Scuba Diving - Your Weekend Getaway in Anilao Batangas Philippines

Scuba Diving destinations and beach resorts are scattered all over in the Philippines but only the one to be recognized as scuba diving capital is Anilao Batangas.


scuba_diving_bScuba Diving destinations and beach resorts are scattered all over in the Philippines but only the one to be recognized as scuba diving capital is Anilao Batangas. Furthermore, several beach resorts in Mabini Anilao Batangas are found in the hillside, which gives the travelers a good view of these several beach resort.

The beach of Mabini is perfect for viewing marine life and macro photography. Colorful fishes and corals are ample. Night scuba diving is advised to expose seawater creatures like snake eels and sea hares. But divers are warned; the current can be strong and make sure to check the tide tables and chart before taking a dive. The deep waters and rich marine life surrounding Philippines blesses the country with so many scuba diving spots, whose beauty does not disappoint. At the forefront of the scuba diving industry in the country is Anilao, Batangas, the birthplace of Philippine diving sites. There are 24 diving sites in this small town alone, with resorts that cater to amateurs and professionals alike. Some spots even let you swim with the sharks of Anilao.
Most of the beach resorts can furnish the needs of the scuba divers. Boats ride can be hired for island hopping like Sepoc Beach Center and to transport divers to diving spots. Most of the resorts offer scuba diving lessons with qualified dive instructors especially for beginners.

This is one reason why Mabini has one of the tightest accommodations Batangas Beach Resorts during weekend getaway.

Eagle Point  Resort

Eagle Point Resort is two and half-hours drive from Makati. The resort is located in Bo.Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines. The resort sits a top of a hillside of the Calumpang Peninsula and on the southern mouth of Balayan Bay. The view is amazing with a lovely and passionate sight of the clear blue water of the sea.

The beach resort has varied accommodations from Terrace Hotel, Casablanca Condominiums, Villa Suites, Cottage Suites and Native anilao_diving_resort_company_outing_team_buildingCabanas majority of them overlooking the ocean. (To fit anyone’s funds) There are two types of pools in the resort. One is a fresh water pool with two stages, connected by a slide with waterfalls, which the young kids will truly enjoy. The Reef Pool is a salt-water pool, which will give you a unique feeling of swimming with the baby sharks and turtles.

Scuba Diving makes this resort a popular destination for those taking dive courses and ideal for training dives because of the presence of the Reef Pool. Wide ranges of diving courses are available and around 25 dive spots are within reach at the resort. Another interesting thing about the resort is that a few feet from the shore you will see coral reefs and a number of under water creatures. This is the main reason why it is a popular diving destination.

The resort has facilities to non-diving visitors who can take a boat ride to Sepoc Beach Center. The island is a private IMG_3744sandy beach and is just a twenty minutes boat ride from Eagle Point Beach Resort, which has a restaurant and a bar to take care of the visitor’s needs. In the island you can sunbath and rest or walk in the scenic surrounding. Kayaking here is always the favorite family pastime.

There is an aviary for your little children to observe and at the same time very educational for the young kids. There are numerous rare tropical birds that are indigenous and those from other parts of the Philippines. This is not only good for children but also a great place for guest to take a relaxing promenade.

Visitors here will never have a dull moment. Indoor games like billiards, table tennis, and darts are available for those who like to play. Or if you are too tired with the outdoor activities why not have comforting massage with steam room and Jacuzzi at the luxury spas of the resort.

Eagle Point Resort is an amazing vacation resort where you can get close to mother nature and feel your soul get revitalized and your body re-energized. Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas covers the pristine blue waters that can attract you to swim or to do scuba diving. Snorkeling and Kayaking are the popular activities in the Batangas beach resort during weekend getaway.

As one of the richest macro scuba diving destinations in the Asia/Pacific, Anilao, Batangas is only a few hours by road from Manila and has blossomed from a holiday – camp weekender dive locality, to a major dive location for serious scuba diving, snorkeling and underwater.


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