Philippines – Come Visit Our Weekend Getaway Batangas Beach Resort

The Philippines has a lot of wonderful beach resort that suits in your weekend getaway for your family and company outing.


The Philippines has a lot of wonderful beach resort that suits in your weekend getaway for your family and company outing. That’s why many tourists spots to go to the Philippines when they want to have an unforgettable and magnificent vacation.  Aside from the many choices, Philippines’ beach resorts are also quite breathtaking.  One will surely love most of the beach resorts that he will visit in the country.anilao_diving_resort_sepoc_beach_center

Moreover, Philippines’ beaches are also quite affordable.  Guests can experience a lot of pampering services and stay in a luxurious villa without spending too much.  There are also mouth-watering buffets that guests can savor on a very reasonable price.  Apart from that, Philippines’ beaches also offer inexpensive water sports activities that adventurous tourists can try like scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking.

Eagle Point Resort – This is a beach resort and hotel in Batangas that offers a lot of fun activities to its guests.  The coziness and functionality of their suites are also outstanding. This is a wonderful beach resort, overseeing the whole view of the Anilao ocean.  This is quite a nice place if you want a quiet and relaxing vacation because of its ambiance. This beach resort can give you everything that you are looking for.  Aside from a beach front, this resort also has an island Sepoc Beach Center that can hang out, picnic, swimming and scuba diving.  Also, there are other facilities in this resort that tourists can take advantage of like their sports facilities like table tennis, billiard and volleyball.

anilao_scuba_diving_weekend_getawayBe ready to savor the:

  • White sand shorelines in Sepoc Beach Center
  • Pristine crystal waters
  • Breathtaking sceneries
  • Amiable services
  • Luxurious and cozy rooms, suites and villas
  • Exhilarating water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking
  • Sport facilities to enjoy like volleyball, billiard and table tennis


Other recreational facilities such as

  • Aviary
  • Gift Shops
  • Bars
  • Conference Room


So if you want to have a magnificent vacation, you ought to pay Philippines a visit and check out its stunning beaches.  Make sure to look into Anilao Batangas beach resorts.  You won’t have to go far if you want to check out various beach resorts because most of the wonderful beach resorts on Anilao are lined up along a splendid and extensive shoreline along the South China Sea.  The town’s beach resorts also offer different services from one another so you can be sure that you will be experiencing a different vacation in each of the resorts that line up the marvelous coastlines of Anilao.  But be assured that you will receive the same courteous and lively treatment from all the staff of various beach resorts in the Philippines.

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