Scuba Diving in the Philippines

Scuba Diving is a sport enjoyed by many people all over the world, you can enjoy it, but be warned, once hooked no vacation journey will be made without it.



Scuba Diving is a sport enjoyed by many people all over the world, you can enjoy it, but be warned, once hooked no vacation journey will be made without it.

Many people do it as a form of relaxing sport. There are many accessible diving sites that you can venture in the Philippines. If you are a beginner, you have to be under an instructor, where you will receive a short training, which will help you master how to dive quickly and far. Moreover, they will help you learn snow sports as well as high-level strength and fitness. With a scuba, you can propel yourself underwater without any trouble as long as you know how to do it from the training experiences.

Understanding how to dive and maneuver yourself is very important. It ensures that you also enjoy the recreation as much as possible technical diving requires a whole different kind of training as well as equipment. This is mostly a very risky activity and includes things like use of depression rebreather equipment, decompression dives, and extended depth range and gas changes when diving.
In most cases, it involves penetrating wrecks and caves. Recreational scuba diving is one of the most popular travelling activities in the world. Many divers do not dive in their home areas, sometimes because there are not enough places to go diving. Therefore, this has propelled many divers to go places scuba diving. There are many areas in the Philippines where you can go scuba diving. Many places have the best underwater formations and adventures to be exploited and you will love every bit of the adventure.

Philippines - the country that has 7107 islands in total and 18,000km of shoreline with 27,000km2 of coral reefs. It basically is in a coral triangle. You can choose from underwater caves, reefs and wrecks for diving. Archipelago structure essentially makes these places accessible. Some of the diving locations in Philippines include Apo Island, Bohol, Boracay, Coron, El Nido, Subric, Puerto Galera, Moalboal, Verde Island Passage, Tubbataha Reef and Anilao Batangas.


Some people will say that Scuba Diving is a form of sport. Whether this is true or not, scuba diving when done regularly, may improve one’s physical health. Obviously, for those who are not aware, moving underwater with the scuba diving equipment is quite exhausting. If you are able to do this freely while underwater, then you’ll feel a whole lot better while on land and without the scuba diving gear. FYI, scuba diving gears are not generic or universal. There are different types of scuba diving gear.

Then why does people scuba dive if it such a strenuous activity? Simply put, to enjoy the wonders of underwater marine life has to offer. Looking at fishes swimming inside an aquarium is a stress reliever. Just imagine being physically in the water with the marine life. It is a rewarding and uplifting experience. Aside from marine fauna (fish life), exploring underwater caves and flora are equally exciting.

Scuba diving also offers the advantage being environmentally aware and being around people with similar interest. Aside from making a person healthier (physically and emotionally), scuba diving is a great way to meet new friends, appreciate nature, and learn new types of skill set.

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