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We had our team building activity at Eagle Point Beach Resort in Anilao Batangas, the best and yet affordable company outing venues and weekend getaways.


anilao_diving_resort_eagle_point_resortWe had our team building activity at Eagle Point Beach Resort in Anilao Batangas, the best and yet affordable company outing venues and weekend getaways. Initially, this wasn't planned to be a team building event but rather, an company outing for us SHI employees. It turns out that it would be free if we make it as our team building activity and so we all agreed and pushed through with the event this weekend getaways.

We met-up at Alabang early Friday morning. I joined my boss in going to the beach resort. The others are waiting at Shell SLEX and from there, we went on to a 3 hour road trip to Anilao Batangas. It was a cloudy day and it has been drizzling as we got to Mabini, Batangas. Thankfully, it stopped as we reached the almost zigzag road going to Eagle Point Resort.


As we got to the parking lot, we left our vehicles there and a shuttle service going to the beach resort fetched us. It was one roller coaster like ride going down as we passed through a steep zigzag road. After a few minutes of hanging on to all the railings in the shuttle we could find, we are finally at the beach resort and we went inside to their reception area.

The staff welcomed us with some refreshments as they took our bags and placed it in a secured room. It was too early for our check in time and good thing they took care of our stuff even if we are earlier than the check in period. We proceeded to their conference hall where our team building will take place.


Going to the conference room, you will pass by their restaurant or mess hall where guests have their meals. They have big windows overlooking the sea and the islands from afar. They also have a high ceiling and the place is cooled by fresh air from the open windows. There is a small bar on the side where there is a large flat screen TV where you can watch sports while drinking your booze.



 As you exit the restaurant area, you will pass by some large cages where there are different kinds of birds inhabiting it. One of them looks like the one in Angry Birds. Another bird you can see there is an eagle where it looks majestic. It was nice to have seen those creatures on close up.

The conference room is big with tables and chairs for the attendees. It is overlooking a nice view of the sea outside. There is a mini pantry where they serve drinks and refreshments for the guests. It was a nice venue for functions and team building activities like this. This is where most of our activities took place that day.

After our activities, we went back to the mess hall where we had our buffet lunch. They serve soup, rice, vegetables, fish, chicken and pork. They also had some fruits for dessert. There are a lot to choose from and I was very full after that. We are glad that it was part of the package since the food was yummy and we can get back any time. The only drawback is that the staff place a small amount of food for each guest and when we ask for additional serving, they don't seem to hear us, and just simply ignore. It was okay, though since we can still go back whenever we want.

After lunch, we resumed with the activities. We went to the poolside, on the other side of the mess hall, and we took some photos fro our assignments. The pool was large and was about 4-5 feet deep. We were all excited for the activities to finish so that we can go dip in the pool. There is also a small hall where you can stay and sing your heart's out on the videoke. At the far end of the resort, there is a stairs going down. It looked like a port and it has a clear view of the crystal clear waters of the beach. On the side is a small salt water pool where there are baby sharks. I think this is a practice area for diving. It made me think of learning to dive since I saw how nice their facilities here. I just didn't ask since our day is still packed with lots of things to do.


After our activities, we were instructed to go check in to our rooms and change for the next activities. We all went back and got our stuff and went to the rightmost part of the pool where the rooms are located. We were assigned on the 1st floor. There are about 3 stories and we almost occupied all the rooms there.


 Our room was big. It can accommodate 5 people, 2 on 2 double size bed and one on an extra bed. It was clean and cozy inside. The bathroom is also nice. It is spacious and the shower area looks clean. There are also towels available for guests. There is a veranda on the other side where you can have a view of the ocean. It was nice and we almost didn't want to go back to the activities on the conference room.



After our activities, which required us to get wet because of the rain that drizzled when it was time for us to go out, we all went straight to the pool! it was a cool dip. After a while, our final activity continued and we had dinner after. They served the same variety of foods but different dishes. Again, we are all full after that hearty dinner and we jumped to the pool after for the beginning of a long night ahead.

Our night was full of relaxing and bonding activities. We swam on the pool, used the slides, sang in the videoke, played in the game room, bonded with the others and after a while, calling it a night for us to rest and prepare for the next activities for the next day.

It was sure a nice day for all of us. Even if we're tired, we were all glad that we had a time off at work and be together as one big family outing. This one of the best and yet affordable weekend getaways  for couple too. I am now looking forward for another of these sessions with my colleagues.


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