Inexpensive Weekend Getaways Anyone Can Take

With time away from work at a premium and day-to-day expenses on the rise, many people are turning to best weekend getaways to let off steam. What can you accomplish in a long weekend getaways, you as


With time away from work at a premium and day-to-day expenses on the rise, many people are turning to best weekend getaways to let off steam. What can you accomplish in a long weekend getaways, you ask? Here are the best weekend getaways that offer something for everyone.


Whether you’re planning on family outing or taking a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other, embracing the great outdoors is an affordable way to get out of town. Check out your nearest national or state park for stellar scenery at a suitable price.


Foodie Frenzy

For couples who like to dine out, taking a romantic weekend getaway to a nearby foodie destination ensures a manageable financial outlay for your favorite menus — since you won’t be dishing out for an entire week, there’ll be more money to splurge on. Batangas Beach Resort has a great food scene, as well as a number of free aviary views and walking tours. There are also affordable activities such as kayaking and scuba diving.



A Wander towards Water

Whether you enjoy affordable weekend getaways with white sand or need to stick closer to home with a water park or beach resort, incorporating water into your weekend plans is a huge it with the kids. Sand castles, water slides, and kayaking are all fun activities to enjoy, demonstrating that you don’t have to be able to afford the Caribbean to have some fun with the family this summer.


Fairs and Festivals

If dining destinations don’t seem doable for your budget, consider checking out area fairs and festivals within driving distance. Entry costs are typically nominal if not free, and the food carts — while priced at a level similar to theme parks — are affordable indulgences compared to swanky restaurants. Besides, there’s no law that says you have to eat all of your meals at the fair. You can go there just to enjoy the live music, cultural demonstrations, and skill competitions. Budget for an indulgence or two and cook healthy food at your vacation rental.

Seeing Some Shows

For those who enjoy a bit of culture during their long weekend getaways, plan your trip to a place where live performances are prevalent. Indie theater, discount Broadway tickets, and even classical presentations in the park can all be affordable, provided you plan ahead with ticket purchases and are controlling your other vacation line items such as accommodations and gift shopping.


Sporting Events

For the sports crowd, planning a weekend getaway to enjoy a particular event is the ideal summer experience. You can visit for a team building event. The point is to take advantage of what’s near you for the greatest savings.


Scuba Diving

Whether you've booked a rustic cabin or will be hauling your own tent on your back, Scuba diving is one of several affordable dates you can incorporate into the weekend getaways you’ll be taking this summer.


Scenic Drives

Whether you’re exploring Philippine scenery is always a draw for family outings. Which routes near you offer the prettiest auto outing? Pick one with affordable travel deals and make a weekend out of it. You can stop to check out attractions like scuba diving sites and underwater sceneries the way to break up long stretches of sitting in the car. Don’t forget to pack some healthy road trip snacks.

Animal Encounters

Up close and personal wildlife experiences are a hit with any age group. Roughly 3 hours away from our home, we were able to snorkel with the baby sharks and stay at a historic plantation near a wildlife sanctuary. Folks in Anilao Batangas can hop over to under water scuba diving to spot sea urchin, water eel, jellyfish and gorgeous coral reefs. Snorkeling to see colorful sea life is a great way to go, as is canoeing in hopes of spotting a moose or two.


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