Marine Life in the Famous Anilao Batangas Beach Resort Philippines

Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas has the abundance of Anilao marine life and Anilao coral reefs in front of the best Hotel accommodation in Anilao Batangas.



Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas has the abundance of Anilao marine life and Anilao coral reefs in front of the best Hotel accommodation in Anilao Batangas.

Anilao area in Batangas Philippines is popular with scuba divers and snorkelers. The pristine water surrounding the area are teeming with Anilao marine life, plenty of Anilao coral reefs and amazing diversity of fishes.



What really makes Anilao Batangas a world-class scuba diving destination is its rich marine life in the best Anilao diving sites. Scuba divers often come here to spot rarely seen underwater creatures. These creatures, which are masters of camouflage, are often found not in coral reefs but in sandy or silty areas and sea grass beds. Because of their size, peculiar behavior, shapes, and patterns, it would take a lot of skill and patience to find them. Scuba diving in these locations is called muck diving. Anilao Batangas is well known for allowing scuba divers and underwater photographers to observe some of the most interesting and rare creatures in the underwater realm. It is possible to observe them in the daytime but since some of them are nocturnal creatures, it is best to do night dives to get a glimpse of Anilao’s amazing underwater creatures.



Every coral reef and juvenile fish imaginable can be found in famous and best scuba diving destination in Anilao Batangas Beach Resort, Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Batangas. Shrimp, crabs, nudibranchs, small squid and cuttlefish, are all more plentiful than almost anywhere else. Frogfish, pipefish, seahorse are also fairly common at some sites. 


Rhinopias and Hairy Frogfish, Wonderpus, Mimic and Blue-ringed octupus can be seen. Most species on the muck and macro diving critter list can be found here in Anilao Batangas Beach Resort. Anilao Batangas is also a great place to find Bobbit Worms. Anilao has a large number of species of hard and soft corals, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world.

 If you really try, you can even see bigger stuff an Anilao, like large schools of Jacks and giant seahorses. Kindly watch this video of the School of Jack of Fish in Anilao Batangas Philippines.

At Mainit point, which has strong currents there is 3-4 great barracuda hunting, and blue trevally. Reef sharks are seen down deep at Anilao dive spots with stronger currents. On very rare occasions people have seen small whale sharks, but what's the most exciting part is that Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Batangas is caring for this endangered specie of baby sharks that can be found in our in-house salt water reef pool wherein you can swim with them while enjoying guided snorkelingfun scuba diving, and introductory scuba diving.



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