Philippines is surrounded with a wonderful islands and beaches. It has a lot of good attractions and sites that should be captured on. As an adventurer, Philippines is one of the best place to explore. With its wonderful nature, you would surely want to come back a lot.


                 One of the best attractions is found in Anilao, Batangas. If you enjoy diving to other places, you will surely love to visit and explore this city. Its oceans posses a crystal clear water that attracts every adventurous diver.  Anilao has a lot of living creatures under the sea that made the place more exciting. Many of it is still unnamed because of its late discovery which made the people fall in love to its sea. Anilao oceans make the Philippines more popular for having the most number of sea creatures living in it. The city is now under the Verde Island Passage, a place that has been described as the center of the center of the world’s marine biodiversity.


               The city is not only named for its lovely beaches but also for having a good and hospitable people around the place. Many tourists said that the Batangenyos are very welcoming and warm hearted. People from this place made every visitor want to come back and visit more the city. They made a good impression and mark their city Anilao, Batangas popular for its own special features.


              Diving while playing with the fishes around you and seeing the water plants dance in the sounds of the waves Anilao is the best suggested place.  Best beaches they have it too. Warm-hearted and very welcoming people, Anilao has it all. With all of these special creatures it will surely excite you not only as a diver but also as an adventurer and traveler. Come and visit Anilao, Batangas and find out how every trip is worthy in the Philippines.