Batangas Hotel and Resort will pamper your craving for food - Part 4 of 4





This Batangas Hotel and Resort will pamper your craving for food

part 4 of 4 by Evitha Gracia Martinez

c Luckily as I browsed through it I learned that they serve a wide variety of dishes.. Few of the dishes I fell in love with was their:


Their wonderful fried rice

And lastly 

The Hungarian sausage 

They also prepare buffet for their guests during weekend so the guests were able to mingle during their meals.

Posing while dealing with the dilemma what to eat first, ended up sitting next to the desserts where I had the unforgettable mango Panacota :”>

Well I try to fit everything in till our breakfast…This is as good as it gets hihihi...

Too bad the weekend was over too soon, hope I could stay longer… But Manila misses me already I have to go! hahaha! I’d be coming back soon... there’s tons of things there yet to be enjoyed! Eagle Point Resort I shall return! Hahaha! ...On our way to the main resort parking lot....we head up meeting a group who just arrived and will have their company outing at Eagle Point Resort... what a privileged employees who can be pampered by their about a glimpse of how this Batanags beach resort became famous also for company outing destination packages and team building venue..

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