Batangas is one of the biggest city in South Luzon, surrounded by good and beautiful people. It is said that it has been one of the greatest places in the Philippines.


        Batangas makes a name for itself for having a wonderful spots around it. It has a lot of different beach resorts that has been visited by the tourists. Even Filipinos living outside Batangas love to go to the said place.

       Batangas has also great foods that should be proud of. The place owns the strongest coffee in the country called “Kapeng Barako”. This coffee has a great and natural taste of it. Not like the instant coffee, barako should be boiled in the kettle first before drinking. You can mix it with milk and creamer, but if you want to taste the strength of the drink, you should try it pure.


      Aside from foods and beach resorts, Batangas is also well known for its unique cultures and festivals because of its nature of showing the ethnicity, history and the culture of the locality. The Paradang Lechon (Parade of the Roast Pig) is perhaps the most celebrated festival in the province.


     In the Philippines, Batangas is a city considered as “Little Spain”. This idea came from the Spanish-style houses and other architecture, which reflects Spanish designs that haven’t been modified since the 333 years of Spaniard colonization. Now, the place has a mixed native and Spanish culture that is reflected in the people’s ethnic practices, structural designs of churches and houses, cuisines and festivals.


     That was only a few review of the wonderful place of Batangas. Want to know more about it, just visit and witness the greatness of Batangas.