Favorite Advance Dive Spot of Anilao Batangas Philippines

Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas prides its property's famous Batangas beach resort which is a conducive venue for weekend getaway of family outing, company summer outing, and team build





Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas prides its property's famous Batangas beach resort which is a conducive venue for weekend getaway of family outing, company summer outing, and team building. Aside from that, this Batangas beach resort stands on its own because it is located in Anilao Batangas Philippines where in it is the place blessed with the abundance of sea  and marine life that most especially scuba divers just return to this destination for scuba diving and to feel how it is worth staying while enjoying the fun and adventure of this beach resort's amenities and activities.



Bahura in the Philippine language means reef.
Bahura is considered by most scuba divers as their favorite dive spot among 30 or so dive sites in Anilao Batangas. It is a shallow reef slightly north-west of the cigar shaped Caban Island. It is about 10-15 minutes by boat from EAGLE POINT RESORT and it is also a short 5 minutes trip to/from the SEPOC BEACH CENTER, an annex of Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Batangas.


The scuba dive can go to about 16ft to 82ft  in depth and it is 99 percent a current dive which many a times run strongly back and forth through the narrow shipping channel between Maricaban Island and the mainland. Bahura is considered one of the favorites of divers with higher than entry level license.



This scuba dive consists of slopes, small drop-offs, overhangs,  swim-throughs and is teeming with fish life. From the words of a diver who recently dove there: Visibility can be crystal clear on good water condition and it has enormous number of fish underwater. One of the eye catching moment here is the black tip brown reef shark that some time can be seen at even 5m./16ft deep of water. Also a group of tuna and barracuda and occasionally giant spotted eagle ray and manta ray can be encountered.  

Again... Divers should be wary because down currents can happen frequently. And when the current kicks, you can see some sharks swimming around, turtles, big mouth mackarel, milk fish, red tooth trigger, titan trigger, and lots of tropical fish! This site has to be planned well with the tides. Only for expert scuba divers.


To get an idea of what the currents are like,  check out these Youtube videos we borrowed...


Underwater drinking in Anilao Batangas Philippines

Scuba Diving at Bahura with Jon, Dennis and Dr. Drew, in Anilao Batangas Philippines

Massive Current at Bahura

Bahura super strong current. Our model Raymond and his Sunsilk hair doo.

Here are other videos we found on Bahura... Enjoy!


Fish life in Anilao

Max depth of 60ft., Bahura site, Anilao Batangas Philippines


Sea Snake

Sea snake getting air then continues to hunt for food. Taken at Bahura, Anilao, Philippines March 28, 2013 by Hernel Castillo of Divenet Philippines.

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