Have you ever felt the emotions of the waves?

What would the oceans tell if it fails?

When would the fishes shed their tears?

When everybody doesn’t know how to take care of this?



Have you ever heard the sea cries?

Or have you noticed their sighs?

Don’t they tell you their sickness?

Every time they are in the wilderness.



Don’t you notice that they’re unhappy?

It is obvious they wanted to be free

They are crying for help please take it

Oh people please stand on your sit.



I have seen these pity corals

They look so sad and dull

People has taken away their wonders

Oh God what will happen sooner?



Wake up from your fantasy

Can’t you see it is not the reality?

Everything now is destroyed

Our seas now are bold.



Oh Lord please forgive us

We have forgotten your command so fast

We are so careless with your creature

Forgive and bless us in the future



Humans we are so careless

Sea creatures now are hopeless

Please be aware this time

Destroying our oceans is a crime