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             I am a Filipino.. YES!! Indeed :) If I have to choose my nationality, I will never replace what God has given me. I’ve been blessed that the Lord has placed me to the best country on earth.

             Being a Filipino is one of the best things that a human being should ever feel. There are a lot of qualities that only Filipinos could ever boast. These are only a few reasons why I am so honored to be living in the Philippines.



              One of it is the “bayanihan spirit”. This quality brings the whole nation together. This is the time whatever your state in life is, surely these people will join hands and hearts together just to reach out their fellow pinoys whose much in need. This spirit has been proven especially when “People Power I” existed. It is the “revolution that surprised the world.” They fought for their freedom back from the president who had stolen it. The democracy came back again as they joined together and shouted that the dictator has no place in their own country.

                Another thing is, I can say that Filipinos are the most talented and skilled human being. Yes we are! All over the world, you can see pinoys f9.jpgworking and showcasing their capabilities. You can see them in different places from different fields like sports, entertainment, medicine, engineering, education or even public service. Filipinos are so skilled that they have no complain to whatever job they will encounter.

                Yess, pinoys are very talented. Of course, Manny Pacquiao is in the top list. This guy makes us all Filipinos proud as he holds the record of the best fighter in the world. He represents the real Filipino spirit especially when everybody collides just to support him. Whenever he steps in the ring, he always says that he’s fighting his own country and he wants the world to see that pinoys could fight. Another name from the sports field is Coach Erik Spoelstra. I am so proud to say that this champion coach is half Filipino. He said that he will never leave and abandon his Filipino blood. Every year, he makes sure that he will visit the Philippines f4.jpgevery time the NBA Season ends and teaches the potential basketball players. Charice Pempengco, Jessica Sanchez, Lea Salonga, Vanessa Hudgens, Jabbawockeez, Brilliante Mendoza, these are only few names that has noisily make their way to the entertainment scene. If talent is a part of your conversations, surely these names would appear to your minds. No doubt, they brought a big crown to our wonderful country. These names are a very few examples from two different fields. From them, I will always boast we have the same blood J

                One of the best reasons why I love being a Filipino is FILIPINOS ARE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Why? Philippines is encountering several storms and calamities a year. Our country is also one of the poorest and corrupt countries in Asia. But the brightest side of it, Filipinos don’t forget to smile. Even though problems seem to dominate this nation, people here always look for the positive side. You can see pinoys that are still laughing in the middle of flood or drought. You will always take a snap as their teeth display whenever they smile. Though corruption came all around us, still these people love, trust and keeping their faith to f15.jpgGod. Filipinos hate sadness. You can see them giggle even though there’s no food on their table. You will witness the glow in their faces even if money is not in their hands. This wealth is not the most significant thing in us. The fact is, as long as we have each other in our sides, holding hands and embracing arms together, we will enjoy life as much as we could. Love and faith is the most important thing of all. As the song says, “money can’t buy us happiness” as well as no one could Filipinos from being happy though money is not with us. This country may no have the wealthiest lifestyle, but I can say that we have the healthiest love from God and from each other.


                                              I am so proud to be a Filipino. Whatever happens, I will always shout and sing I AM A FILIPINO LOVED BY GOD AND I WILL ALWAYS BE A FILIPINO WHERVER I GO :))