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                     Philippines has a lot wonderful beaches around for it is an archipelago country. It makes a name for it for many tourists loves to come back in this country. Philippine beaches' makes the country popular. Tourists bring the pride of the country to every hearts of beach lovers. As a filipino, it makes me proud that our country has a name for its own beautiful beaches.











               One of the most popular beach found in our country is boracay. For me, it is the most visited beach in the country. Many people enjoy its wonderful white sand beach and crystal clear water. Tourists travel from their far place to Philippines just to visit this beach. Even my own kababayans love to visit and to feel at home in this place.










                         Another wonderful beach that is noisily making its own name is the Anilao batangas beaches. As for further research,Anilao has the most beautiful beaches in Luzon. Its oceans are now under the Verde Island Passage (the center of the center of marine biodiversity). Anilao may not have the white sand beaches, but you will surely love to witness the dancing of the under water plants through the music that the waves are making. You will also experience to play with the unrecognized fishes. You will also feel the warm heart of these creatures as they welcome you to their wonderful home. With these beaches, no doubt that the Philippines is now lining to other countries beaches pride. As for me, I will love my country's beaches and continue to make noise for it.