USANA : Company Outing and Team Building at Batangas Beach Resort

Group arrived with their own bus and private cars, Eagle Point Beach Resort shuttle picked up the group from parking lot going to the Batangas Resort and Hotel.


Company           :  USANA
Type of Event     :  Company Outing
Coordinator        :  Ms. Mary Grace G. Lasac
Date of Event      :  August 24-26, 2013
Group arrived with their own bus and private cars, Eagle Point Beach Resort shuttle picked up the group from parking lot going to the Batangas Resort and Hotel.
They arrived at Eagle Point Beach Resort main lobby at 12:45pm. Ms. Mary Grace Lasac (coordinator of the group) registered for the group “USANA”
After registration they proceed to the function hall “BALLROOM” and take their lunch.
After lunch room key was given to Ms. Mary Grace. She distributed the key and room assignment of the group, and then the group proceeds to the assigned rooms and takes some rest.
At 7:30pm dinner was served at function hall.
On the second day breakfast served at 6am at function hall.
After breakfast they prepare their things and regroup around 7am. Seven small boats are waiting at the port for the group transportation going to the Sepoc Beach Center. At exactly 7:22am first boat leaved the port with the guest and then followed by the other 6 small boats. Each boat has 8 passengers going to the Sepoc Beach Center.
We arrived at Sepoc beach center at 7:50am. At Sepoc Beach Center, USANA group composed of 51pax group themselves into 4 groups (RED, WHITE, GREEN and BLUE) for the games.
Before starting the games they perform a group presentation after the 4 group’s presentations they played flag hunting, sack race, tag of war and filling the drums. After all the games they enjoy their self in swimming at Eagle Point white beach front sand.
At 11:26 we leaved SEPOC and we arrived at main resort at 11:59am
They check out at 12:47pm. after they settle their bills they leaved the resort with big smile for the great experienced here at Eagle Point Beach Resort…frontdesk@epr — at Eagle Point Beach Resort. — at Eagle's Point, Anilao, Batangas.

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