“SWIMMING WITH SHARKS”, this is one thing you have to cross off your bucket list; and you can do that at our hotel in Batangas, the Anilao Resort, best tour in Philippines. Many guests arrive to our beach resort and ask, “Is it safe to swim with those sharks?” and the answer is “certainly”. It may look scary getting into a salt water pool full of 10 baby black tip reef sharks, not knowing what could happen. But I can assure anyone from experience, they do not, and will not harm anyone.


          In this Anilao Beach Resort, I have swam with these types of sharks since I was 3 years old. Children swim in the pool all the time. It is fun and exciting, jumping into a pool full of marine life, especially Sharks! There is a variety of fish living in the salt water pool that adds to the wondrous feeling of snorkeling in a closed marine life habitat.


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          The Black Tip Shark is identified by its prominent black tips on its fins, especially on the first dorsal fin and caudal fin. These sharks inhabit tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They prefer shallow, inshore waters. This species typically attains a length of 1.6m (5.2ft).
           The black tips in Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Batangas are fed well everyday. Black tips are timid and under most circumstances, they are easily frightened away by swimmers and seldom pose as a threat to humans. When you spend time with these sharks underwater, you start to understand that they are nothing like their depiction in the movie “Jaws”. They are not mindless killing machines that choose to hunt humans. They play a crucial role in the balance of the ocean’s ecosystem.   They are active predators of small bony fishes, cephalopods, and crustaceans, and have also been known to feed on sea snakes and seabirds.

          I have created a video of when I went to Eagle Point Beach Resort with a friend of mine and went swimming in the Shark Pool as well as in the ocean front. I’m sure it will make you want to go there and swim with these spectacular creatures too! It really gets your heart racing!


          But unfortunately, you will have to wait for my next blog post to see the video! I will be posting a link of it soon on Twitter @EPRdiveanilao.


Julia Quisumbing 

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Weekend Getaway Promo Vouchers and Destination Package Deals : www.YourDealIsHere.com


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