We at Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resorts, the Sepoc Beach Center is quite known among conservation groups to be a sanctuary of endangered species like two species of large sea turtles that would come into our beaches several times in a year to lay and hatch their eggs. We do our part. Here is what you can do.This blogs remaks to Paul Ingersole.

There are things you can do to help the endangered coral reefs of Anilao Batangas.

In general, endangered coral reefs are a difficult thing to understand. When people encounter coral reefs they may not be thinking in terms of harming them deliberately. But the problem is, hurting the reefs is very easy because they get damaged when there is movement around them or if they are touched. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but when the reefs are damaged it takes them a while to grow back. They are currently endangered because they are getting depleted by things such as pollution, movement, and human interruption than they are being created.

At first glance, coral reefs look like a bunch of rocks. And when we see rocks, our instinct is to touch them, sit on them, etc. In other words, with rocks it does not matter. They are not alive. But don’t let the hard nature of these reefs fool you. They are actually living creatures and they are quite delicate. First of all, they can’t handle any kind of movement around them so they can only grow in select areas. This means that they can’t grow in water that is filled with waves. They also need the ideal climate and temperature. But when it comes to endangered coral reefs, these stipulations for their environment mean that any little change in condition can affect things.

There are things you can do to help endangered coral reefs. First, if you go scuba diving and snorkeling a lot in any of the 30 or so dive spots in the Anilao area, be careful that your actions don’t harm the reefs. This means that you should not touch them or even go too near them. Be gentle with them and observe them up close, but just be careful not to disturb them. When they get disturbed they die. There are other things you can do as well. If you’re on a boat, please try not to callously drop your anchor on the reef. Most resorts in the Anilao area, most notably Eagle Point Resort, have anchored buoys so visiting boats could tie off instead. Donation to marine conservation organizations can be another way. When it comes to coral reefs, it is a shame that these beautiful creatures are endangered. Coral reefs make up an interesting part of our underwater heritage especially here in the waters of Anilao Batangas. They are beautiful and other animals have a right to live near them. So, again, as a reminder to us…


When we disturb them, they die. Let us protect Anilao’s coral reefs.

This article was adapted and edited from an original article entitled “There are things you can do to help the endangered coral reefs” 


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