Yes! its island hopping, another reason why I would choose to come back in this Batangas hotel and resort. A 15 to 20 minutes boat ride from the main resort is their Sepoc Beach Center. So we took the boat ride to reach this island.. I run out of words to say.. so I guess these photos would be enough to tell you why it is thrilling and exciting this island hopping experience at Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Batangas…


Enjoying the boat ride, the scene and the salty air…

dad and bro

Meet my dad and my bro…I will not tell you who is more good looking because I want my dad to bring me again hehehehehe…


We had a chance to really look upon the resort as we go further from it and as I said it was really beautiful.

We were told that we’d be visiting a white sand island and after some time we could see as what we’re told yey a white sand shoreline!
Who could tell that we’re still in Batangas Philippines??
According to my dad this island was named after the Sepoc tree which only grows at this very island. See those bonsai like trees in the photos those were the sepoc trees. These trees were just my height yet gives a perfect shade for they have this wide crown.
Beside from snorkeling around the island you could go for a kayak ride around and for first timers like me always keep your life jacket on!! Well just incase! haha!
I always thought that kayaking was a difficult thing to do but in fact you just have to row row and row hehe. After few minutes of practicing we raced up to the other side of the Sepoc beach and had a great fun and great tan I guess hahaha..we went back to main resort to cheer up our cravings hhmm…wait for my next post…ohhh I almost forgot to mention…Sepoc Beach Center of this Batangas beach resort is a very romantic venue for wedding too..
By: Evitha Gracia Martinez
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