Over about 2 decades, a little hotel in Anilao became a much larger beach resort that has developed and stretched along the coast. Eagle Point Resort was founded on the coast of a batangas beach. In the early 90′s when I was a child I remember Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Batangas starting out as a small little restaurant by the sea, a dive shop, and a few small cottages. Demand grew for this strategically located dive spot, therefore more rooms were built. After succeeding to satisfy many guests, Eagle Point built a larger restaurant with a panoramic view of the ocean, 2 pools, and more rooms. Over time there became categories of rooms; cabanas, cottages, and hotel rooms.

The Shark pool became an attraction as it was the only one of its kind in the area.

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In the late 90′s and early 2000′s my favourite “secret” spot to adventure to was the south side where a large rock lay, resembling an Egyptian Sphinx. As there was nothing built near that area yet, it was secluded. I would swim to the Sphinx during high tide, climb all the way to the top of the head, and jump off into the ocean.

epr sphinx

Eagle Point Resort in Anilao then was expanded with another pool on the south end right next to the Sphinx with an events area above. Although it was no longer a “secret” it was good for business.


This Anilao Batangas Resort does not have a sandy beach in front due to the diverse coral reefs that are situated in front. As some guests prefer a beach in anilao, another island is available and owned by Eagle Point just within 10 minutes boat ride away; Eagle Point’s extended sandy beach resort, Sepoc Beach Center.

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Sepoc has many things to discover. My favourite things to do in sepoc is to snorkel out about 100 to 150 meters and find this large boulder in the water around 30 feet tall and stand on it, making it seem like you are standing on water. There are also kayaks you can take into small caves where there are bats. I also love to climb the mountain behind the restaurant and view the backside of sepoc towards Eagle Point Resort off the side of the cliff. There are many activities such as volleyball, lazing around in a hammock, tanning in the sun, Scuba Diving at the Sepoc wall and shell collecting.

Eagle Point is my paradise and I will always return to this beautiful and adventure seeking batangas beach resort.


By: Julia Quisumbing

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