Eagle Point Beach Resort and Hotel in Batangas maintains and cares for the sharks that Anilao has also to care for by conserving its marine life. On the southernmost point of the Calumpang Peninsula (known as Cazador Point on the nautical charts) is one of the most popular dive sites for those who frequently dive the Anilao Batangas area. It’s called Mainit Point. For those of you who are not Filipino, it is properly pronounced as ‘ma – ee – nit’ which means ‘hot’. It is named so because of the hot spring fresh water that bubbles its way through the bedrock and sand into the sea. Geologically, this region of Batangas is riddled with hundreds of uncharted underground hot spring channels all connected to the Taal Volcano only about 45 minutes drive away.

This popular site is about 25-30 minute boat ride from Eagle Point Resort. You could probably cut out about 15 minutes if you take a speedboat. This popular site is about 25-30 minute boat ride from Eagle Point Resort. You could probably cut out about 15 minutes if you take a speedboat.


Many agree that Mainit Point have nice corals and many other interesting sights. There is a cave at about 25ft in which white & black tip reef sharks have been seen resting… almost sleep-like.

In the sandy area about 40-45 feet deep, you’ll find the hot spring bubbling. The bubbles appear in trickles not a constant flow. At times, when the currents are strong, you can hardly notice them. By the way, unless you know the exact location of this bubbling patch of sand, you’ll more than likely not find it. Bring a guide.


Sketches by Han Moon Cho

As to marine life, boulders abound with soft corals and anemones, together with many crinoids, colourful sea stars, and nudibranchs. Divers may have to shelter behind the rocks to photograph because of the strong currents.

Some rocks break the surface. A gradual set of boulders form mini drop offs from 5m (16 ft) to over 30m (100 ft). Due to the currents, the marine life is plentiful and varied, especially when the currents are running. There are good corals and the fish life includes moorish idols, porcupine puffer fish, snappers, powder blue surgeonfish, jacks, scorpion fish, wrasse and fusiliers as well as all the smaller reef fish, angelfish, and butterfly fish.

Here are other comments:

“Among my dives THIS is really the best! So many stone fishes around there anywhere you look there’s a lot more. In this dive site is where I saw the prehistoric frogfish! You might also see sharks together with the current. If you would like to go here you should be there early about 7-8am. You wouldn’t recognize that you are going deeper since it’s in slanting formation. So beautiful that you would really come back and you will feel in love in it and you will start to shout “MAINIT!” This dive site is really addictive. So colourful marine world! You would see all those long fishes wandering around. Those sword, trumpet and flute fishes are just passing by you. Tunnel and cave-like formation.”

Zhiela A. Santillan, 2006

“Birthplace of SCUBA diving in the Philippines … lots of macro stuff.”
Shank, 2006




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