Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas has some of the most beautiful coral reefs fronting up and down the whole resort for scuba divers. This best beach resort in Anilao Batangas has scuba diving packages perfect for your weekend getaway.

Batangas beach resorts are popular destination for scuba diving particularly in Anilao Batangas. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort offers scuba diving lessons at the very affordable cost. Nowadays, people become adventurous and wanted to try different things. Scuba diving is always on their list. It was really amazing to swim with marine life in its natural environment. However, some diver seem to have forgotten the section of their PADI Open Water class where the instructor taught them not to touch marine life. Curiosity killed the coral. Coral is beautiful, but resist the urge to touch it. When you touch coral it will be harmful to it and can even kill it. A human touch is like a poison and its results may not show until months later. This is strictly being observed in all Anilao diving sites in Batangas as well as other beach resort in the area. Scuba diving is really about enjoying the richness and the beauty of underwater creatures and the colorful corals which lots of diving and beach resorts in Anilao Batangas bragged about. On the other hand, divers should always be reminded that touching these marine life should not be part of the enjoyment since it is harmful to them. Be mindful while you are underwater. Even a smallest harm or damage in a coral may caused a lot. Also observe vulnerable small fishes along your way, you might hurt them with your fins or washed them away from their colonies that might lead them to the predators. Remember to secure all of your dive equipment. If something touches a fish it can remove their protective coatings, leaving them vulnerable to diseases. Your local PADI Dive Center sells a plethora of clips and bands that can help streamline your dive gear. Diving gears and equipment could easily harm marine life specially coral reefs when not careful. The protective coatings of fish can be easily damage and caused several diseases. Padi Dive Centers offers lessons on the basics of streamlining dive gears and equipment. Another popular practice by divers to be avoided is the puffing of puffer fish because this activity shorten their life. It can affect their internal system when puffing regularly. It may look cute when they are puffing but a diver must know how it affects the poor fish.

Don’t feed the fish. Many fish are unable to digest human food, which causes them internal damage that can end their life. Remember, no one likes food poisoning. Anyways, consider Anilao dive resorts in Batangas as one of your diving trip or avail basic scuba diving lessons and several choices of diving packages. Another common bad practice is to feed the fish underwater. Fishes have their own natural food under water or within the coral reefs and giving them something foreign to their natural food can do harm more to their system.. They can eat and live healthy without the need of human intervention. To learn more, Anilao beach and dive resort in Batangas offers basic scuba diving lessons and packages.


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