In a time away from work and can run to Eagle Point Anilao Batangas beach resort at a premium and day-to-day expenses on the rise, many people are turning to Batangas  for a family weekend getaway, couples, or friends let off steam. What can you accomplish in a long weekend getaways, you ask? Here are the best Batangas weekend getaways that offer something for everyone in the beach resorts in Batangas Philippines.

International Rice Research Institute


What: Team Building

When: May 13-14, 2014

Who: 21 persons

Coordinator: Ms. Lanie Quinto

In-house  in charge: Ms. Annie Contacte

Just a little introduction about IRRI - it’s headquarters was established in the Philippine in 1960. Among the many milestones in this partnership, an important one was that in 1985, the Philippine Rice Research Institute (Philrice) was created. IRRI has been in collaboration with Philrice in most of its research and training projects in the Philippines.

For over 5 years, IRRI’s our regular client when it comes to any events, like team building, company outing, and seminars.  Ms. Lanie Quinto the administrative coordinator is really loyal to Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach Resort and that’s why IRRI’s guests are familiar to our staffs.

As they arrived on their first day at the beach resort in Batangas, they just passed the day, relaxing.

Second day, as they were having their breakfast. They headed next to the Sepoc Beach Center for their team building activities and games.


Picture while in the boat.


Before to start with the activities, let’s have some warm up guys! :)





Plank Walk



Obstacle Race


That was a nice summer day for us and to them! “Said Ms. Grace”.

Another year of trusting and believing! Thanks again everyone~


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