Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is the leading Scuba Diving destination in Anilao. The resort is strategically located in the middle of 30 Anilao diving spots, and is therefore, literally, the best of the best diving spots in the region. This beach resort in Batangas offers affordable diving courses packages suited for aspirant divers!
Seeing marine life in its natural environment is one of things that attract people to scuba diving. Unfortunately, some divers seem to have forgotten the section of their PADI Open Water class where the instructor taught them not to touch or hassle marine life. As a gentle reminder, here are some of the consequences of not being kind to underwater creatures. More and more people are now becoming interested to learn scuba diving and and make it their water sports activities but for those who are just beginers, they tend to touch corals and other marine life. Their amazement make them forget that very basic of PADI Open water class prohibits touching of corals and marine life. Being a diver, it is a mortal sin if you touched the corals. Coral reefs are extremely diverse and important ecosystems. They provide protection and shelter for many species and protect the coast from strong currents, waves, and even tsunamis! Human touch can be harmful to corals and might poison it. In Anilao Batangas beach and dive resort, coral reefs are protected to prevent further damage and loss. Watch where you swim! Your fins can create a small wave that will disrupt the layers of sediment below. This reduces coral’s photosynthetic abilities and washes away small animals, which increases their chances of predation. Breaking off just a small piece of coral can do damage that will not repair itself within your lifetime. Protecting the environment should always be in mind even when we are having fun. Any artificial changes made underwater could affect the life cycle of marine life. Coral reefs are given treasure by nature that any unnatural changes caused by human could damage the inhabitant of marine life. Always look through your dive equipment make sure it doesn’t touches fishes and other marine creatures. It may caused them to become weak and prone to any kinds of diseases. Puffer fish are particularly susceptible to harm by humans. Some divers choose to agitate the fish in order to make it puff up. To create this effect, the fish fill themselves up with water or air and “puff-up” their prickly bodies. Sadly, they only have a small number of puffs in their life because it’s hard on their internal systems to inflate regularly. Repeated puffs can significantly shorten the poor fish’s life.
There are also common bad practice in enjoying marine line. As an example is agitating puffer fish to make it puff up. The fish fill themselves up with water or air to puff up their body.

Scuba Diving in Anilao

This is harmful to them when done frequently or not in a normal situation. The life span of the fish shorten significantly because divers wants to enjoy them in this manner. It is not advisable to feed fishes with human food. Fishes may not be able to digest human food and may lead to kill them. Resorts in Anilao Batangas offers basic scuba diving lessons and several diving packages for anyone who wants to be more knowledgeable in scuba diving at the same time not compromising the environment.


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