Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas offers company outing overnight package for those who want to stay at the resort longer. This best beach resort in Batangas has an affordable hotel accommodation for your overnight stay. Now, we would like to share with you the experience of Victory Christian Fellowship in our resort last October 25-26, 2014.


Type of event: SINGLES’ GETAWAY

Date of function: Oct. 25-26, 2014


No. of person: 137+ pax


The first batch arrived at the resort past 11 in the morning. Welcome drinks were served upon their arrival. At exactly 4:30pm, they had a coordination meeting with the heads of the concerned departments of the resort.


The first batch…



Coordination Meeting with the Departmend Heads of the resort.

The meeting was about the activities and the safety of the groups that will be arriving at the resort the next morning. Their meeting lasted for 1 1/2 hours and after that, they took their dinner and rested.The next morning, the first batch went to Sepoc Beach Center and arrived at exactly 6:30am to check the set up. They were assisted by five resort staff. After setting up everything that is needed for the event, the first batch waited for the other group to arrive.


After 30 minutes a small boat and two big boats arrived at the Sepoc Beach Center.They were assisted by the resort staff and after they took lunch, they had a fellowship meeting and listened to the sermon of the speaker. After the worship, they formed 10 groups for their activity. They really had fun during the games. The group was given free time after the games so they just enjoyed the view at the Sepoc Beach Center. Some also swam and snorkeled near the area.





The group went back to the resort at 4pm to get their room assignments. They had dinner at the South End area with a theme “Bohemian” and everybody enjoyed their Bohemian night. During their last day at the resort, they ate breakfast at the Eagle’s Nest and afterwards, they went to the Balayan Ballroom for their third activity which lasted until 12 noon.


Bohemian Night

After the event, they took lunch at the same area and were given free time before proceeding to their last activity. Some went to the pool and enjoyed swimming while others went to the dive shop and rented snorkeling gears. They went back to the Balayan Ballroom for their last activity. After the activity they checked out past 6 in the evening. They really enjoyed their stay at the resort because of the great view and the good service the resort staff offered. Most of them promised that they will bring their families and visit this best beach resort in Batangas again.

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