Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is the leading Scuba Diving destination in Anilao. The resort is strategically located in the middle of 30 Anilao diving spots, and is therefore, literally, the best of the best diving spots in the region. This beach resort in Batangas offers affordable diving courses packages suited for aspirant divers!

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More than two thirds of the planet is underwater. The underwater world is home to hundreds of thousands of different animals and plants. Most land lubbers will never see these life forms in their natural habitat. Incredible underwater vistas, spectacular coral formations, lush aquatic plants and exotic wildlife all await those who are willing to strap on scuba gear and venture into the hidden underwater world. Resorts in Anilao Batangas Philippines are considered as one of this hidden world beside its famous Batangas beaches. Consider Batangas beach resort as one of the best choices for scuba diving specially if you are one of the aspiring scuba divers who isn’t contented in seeing underwater creatures in the photos and TV. Scuba, stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, is destined for people that is eager to go for a mile for an adventure. But make sure before spending too much money in enrolling in scuba classes, you must take an introductory dive first to see how you like it. These courses provide you with all the equipment you need and acquaint you with the gear and the basics skills you’ll need. Then you go out for an ocean dive in a group with an instructor present. You can only go to a maximum depth of 10 meters, or 33 feet, but that is plenty deep to get a taste for what the sport is about and to create some unforgettable tropical memories. You are strapping on strange hardware, squeezing into a rubber suit and jumping into an alien environment, true, but don’t let your adrenaline get the better of you. You are being lead by a trained, licensed, experienced diver who is taking you on his umpteenth dive in those waters. Don’t panic!! The best way to enjoy your underwater experience is to make yourself calm and relaxed. Panicking will cause you to breath more rapidly which may emptied your oxygen supply quickly. But don’t worry you’ll have your instructor that will help you not to get drown.

Scuba Diving in Anilao
When you’re already in the water avoid holding you’re breath, but breathe slowly instead. Pause for a moment, hold your breath with your chest muscles, before inhaling and exhaling. This will permit more gas to be exchanged within your lungs and conserves oxygen. You also have to move gently and slowly to limit your movement effort and reduce oxygen use. And please be mindful with your feet and arms movement that may reach certain thing resulting to damaging it. Don’t attempt to dive if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Listen carefully to your dive instructor and astutely follow all advice and directions. Use good judgment. Save the horseplay for the hotel pool. Stay close to your instructor and dive group. Wear sun block and sunglasses when on the surface. Drink fluids while on the surface to stay hydrated. Several diving resort in Anilao Batangas offers basic and advance scuba diving lessons.


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