Well I guess I can’t help not to continue to share our wonderful moments at Eagle Point Resort, a Batangas beach resort, second was more than a decent reason…well if you are brave enough to try… have you ever tried snorkeling? Eagle Point Resort and Beach Hotel in Anilao Batangas specializes in scuba diving and all that sorts. Yet have I mention that here you could snorkel…snorkeling with sharks! Yeah I know it’s more of a reason to stay very far away from this resort but hey we do still have our full set of limbs.
They have this reef pool where a number of fishes well not to forget the 4 black tip shark that swims in it that the visitors could jump in. Scary I must say, but after interrogating people who have tried it I mustered the courage to try it too!
Okay here it goes… I hope they already had their meal because I ain’t ready to be a fish meal…
My brother and sister as scared as I was as we jumped into the pool of sharks!
After some time… we realized that what dad told us was right that we should be more scared of the coconut tree than these sharks… for there are more chances to get hit by  falling coconut than get bitten by these sharks. At first we had to jump out every time a shark gets near us but funny we didn’t notice that shortly we followed the sharks around just to get a closer look! Amazing and I could say fulfilling that experience was! I could always say that I once swam with sharks! I am one brave girl! And for sure I’d be bringing my friends over to see who is as brave!


Beside the reef pool we snorkeled in the famous coral reefs of Anilao right in front of this Batangas resort and encountered more of Nemo’s friends. They also offer affordable scuba diving for the scuba diving enthusiast. Witnessing all that I could say that Eagle Point Resort truly is a paradise above sea and under but wait…there is another unforgettable experience which is the island hopping as  another exciting and thrilling activity of this Batangas beach resort.offers…till my next post ;-)

By: Evitha Gracia Martinez

Part 2 of 4

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