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The locals call the area “Bagalangit” which translates to… Almost Heaven! On the southern tip of the Calumpang Peninsula, along the eastern coast of Balayan Bay in Brgy Bagalangit Anilao,Batangas lays Eagle Point Resort.

Nestled in 5.36 hectares of land, Eagle Point Resort is your ideal getaway from the many challenges of city life. A mere 2 hour drive from Manila, the resort offers services and facilities that cater to even the most discriminating taste.


Nowhere else within 2 1/2 hours driving distance from Manila can one find such pristine water and varieties of colorful sea life. Eagle Point Resort sits in the middle of this maze of dive spots, making it the most ideal starting point for divers. With 30 dive spots that abound with life and blessed with clear visibility, divers are here practically all-year round.


This seaside haven was developed with adventure and comfort in mind for everyone, a year round destination for divers, adventurists, nature lovers and for those that would just like to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life.



Eagle Point Resort is a seaside getaway where the rustic charm of nature and the comfort and convenience of modern living meet seamlessly. Guests can really feel one with nature while never having to have left home. We have a range of living arrangements that promise to suit the most discriminating taste.

Terrace Hotel Room

Seaside hotel with 32 deluxe terrace rooms and 8 superior rooms, air-conditioned with bathrooms and satellite TV. The terrace rooms have spacious balconies overlooking the sea.


A 3-bedroom condominium, air-conditioned with 3 bathrooms, living room and satellite TV.

Junior Suite

2 one-bedroom suites, air-conditioned with bathrooms, satellite TV and overlooking the sea.


18 twin sharing cottages built in clusters of twos, air-conditioned with bathrooms, satellite TV and balconies overlooking the sea.

Cottage Suite

1 two-bedroom cottage, air-conditioned with living room, 2 bathrooms, satellite TV and a large balcony overlooking the sea.

Economy Cottages

10 fan units with bathrooms and balconies overlooking the sea.


The Main Core

Eagle Point’s Main Core is the centerpiece of the resort. The original concept came from the design and purpose of the Samoan Long House from which all activities emanate. It is the first place that welcomes you to an environment of relaxation and convenience in an atmosphere that is in harmony with nature. The Main Core’s interior is graced with a very high ceiling supported by thick Narra wooden beams and trusses. From its high advantage point, guests are treated with an overwhelming majestic view of the sea.

Descending a flight of stairs from the driveway, you are welcomed with a cool refreshing fruit drink and the awaiting staff at the front desk. After check-in, you descend another set of stairs and then pause to take in the beautiful panoramic view of the sea through the restaurant’s windows.


The Eagle’s Nest bar & restaurant occupies the main floor as well as a second level of the Main Core. Here you will find a delectable menu matching the quality of that of the 5 star restaurants. Our menu consists of both local and international cuisine including seafood dishes, continental, oriental as well as Filipino cuisine guaranteed to delight your palette. Of course, we do recommend the fresh daily seafood dishes.

The Boutique which is also situated in the Main Core caters for all of your necessaries such as toiletries, clothing, pool wear and pool toys to make your stay at Eagle Point even more comfortable and enjoyable.


Multipurpose Function Rooms

Eagle Point has 4 function rooms the largest of which can cater for up to 250 people depending on the room configuration as well as several smaller outdoor function areas.


The Reef Pool (saltwater)

From the main swimming pool deck down a short flight of stairs to our water sport pier next to the Safety Stop Dive Shop is our Reef Pool. This pool is about 12 feet deep. For easy in and out access, six broad steps descend about 4 feet down. For many of our guests, this pool is a real attraction mainly because they get to swim with baby sharks and other fish.

Besides being a launching pad and training tank for novice divers and snorkelers, the reef pool was conceived for those who were afraid to swim in the “big blue sea”. So, what we had in mind was an extremely large aquarium filled with different sea creatures where you can swim in it with no fear.

At first,the pool had only small fish but then a guest donated a sea turtle named Charmaine which grew up in a bath tub. You can imagine how happy she was when she had more space.Five years later, with the help of the Dep’t of Fisheries [DOF] who tagged her, Charmaine was released into the wild. Later, we rescued six baby black tip sharks from nets of a fisherman which stayed in our pool for about a year before they were released. Then other baby sharks found their way into our pool every year until they were ready for release which was monitored by DOF. At first, we worried about guests not using the reef pool but then guests loved swimming up close to Jaws Jr. Take note that though the baby sharks are docile, you will be reminded that they are still wild animals. So, the rule is look but no touching. Besides the sharks is not what you should really worry about. You have to watch out for a 12 pound grouper [Lapu-Lapu] with a mean disposition mainly because when we rescued him he had a spear sticking out of him. We nick named him Gus.


Aside from being a temporary home for several species of marine animals, our Reef Pool is also used by the local marine conservation authorities as a rehabilitation pool for injured or juvenile animals that are either too weak or too young to survive in the wild. Animals are kept with the resort until they are well enough or old enough to be released back into the open sea. This is just one area of Eagle Point Resort’s contribution to the preservation of marine life.

  • Dive Shop and Aqua Sports Facilities:
  • Equipment rental at Safety Stop Dive Shop – Rates available upon request.
  • Snorkeling set (mask, snorkel, life vest and booties.)
  • Snorkeling guide.
  • Kayak
  • Jet Ski
  • Banana boat
  • Speedboat
  • Scuba Diving Courses:
  • Introductory dive course
  • Try scuba in our salt water reef pool
  • Dive packages available upon request


Other Recreational Facilities and Amenities

Although Eagle Point’s main attraction is scuba diving, the resort has three (4) swimming pool facilities. Adjacent to the Main Core is our double level [fresh water] swimming pool connected by a fun water slide. The upper (kids) pool has two waterfalls; and next to it is a playground. When the swimming pool area was first conceived back in the early 90s, kids having lots of fun was always forefront in the owners’ mind. So, the concept of double decked swimming pools connected with a 30ft long water slide and children’s play area was born.

Double-level Swimming Pools with water slide

The top level pool area is complete with a large children’s wading pool no deeper than 2ft. This pool can easily hold as many as 25 to 30 kids. Kids can enjoy themselves by being doused by any of the two protruding waterfalls that cascades into the side of the pool. Of course, the biggest attraction for the kids is to go down that 30-foot water slide into our lower pool.

NOTE TO PARENTS: for safety reasons, kids are not allowed to climb up the water slide.

Southend Swimming Pool

This area has been specifically designed for our corporate as well as individual groups that would like more privacy in their activities. TheSouthend area consists of a beautifully designed swimming pool surrounded by private nipa huts as well as bar, comfort rooms, showers plus the capability to cater for groups up to 250 pax all overlooking Balayan Bay. Also part of this unique area is the Southend pavilion and functions center situated directly above the swimming pool. Here we have everything you need to have a wonderful party or conference for up to 120 pax complete with kitchen facilities, shower and change rooms all again overlooking tranquil Balayan Bay.


Eagle Point has several aviary’s throughout the resort with an array of exotic tropical birds of which some have been rescued from injury and nursed back to health.

Sepoc Beach Center, Maricaban Island

Eagle Point’s beauty lies in its synergy with nature. With this in mind, we acquired a beautiful stretch of white sand beach at the very tip of Maricaban Island about 20 minutes boat ride from the resort.

Sepoc beach is truly a small neck of a peninsula where on one side the beach faces the distantMindoro coast while the other fronts one of the best dive spots being SepocWall. In this natural island paradise, you are encouraged to explore

unspoiled and sublime natural wonder. Its crystal waters also offer guests a chance to go snorkeling and be one with the sea and all its wonders. An incredible coral reef garden lies not far from the beach.

Sepoc Beach Center also boasts of other recreational facilities like a beach volleyball area and a hiking trail for the adventurous spirit.

Again your comfort and convenience are always up most concern for us. So, the beach center also has comfortable dining facilities where you can enjoy a good meal. Want to lay back and nap? A number of hammocks encircle the center just waiting for you. And of course, the bath and rest room facility ensures that you never miss the comforts of modern conveniences.

To go hand in hand with this wonderful recreational area we have had the privilege to be able to continue our commitment to marine life conversation. In February 2011 an endangered OliveRidley sea turtle laid 85 eggs on Sepoc Beach.

We protected the nest from predators and once the eggs hatched we transferred the new-born baby turtles to a protective concrete swimming pool that we made specifically for this, and hopefully future occasions.

We kept the baby turtles in safety for around 6 weeks and then we gradually released them back into the wild for hopefully a long and adventurous life with the hope that one or more of these endangered marine animals may return someday and lay their own eggs.


Other Amenities, Facilities and Services:

  • Wifi available throughout the resort
  • In-house Nurse
  • 24 hour reception
  • 24 hour security
  • 24 hour restaurant & bar (depending on occupancy)
  • Helicopter pad
  • Tennis court
  • Parking lot, the parking lot has room for 35 cars. Guests would park their cars here and ride a shuttle service down the hill to the resort.
  • Airport pick-up
  • Car rental
  • Masseuse service
  • Kayaks
  • Jet ski
  • SSD PADI dive center
  • Island hopping tours (via motorized boats)
  • Speed boat
  • Games room – Billiards, Ping-pong table, Dart board, Board games
  • Horse riding
  • Video room
  • Future Developments:
  • Business center
  • KTV room
  • Executive bar & lounge
  • Chapel
  • The development of several functions and team building areas
  • The continuous upgrading of all of our amenities, facilities and services.


Coral Conservation: Eagle Point Resort’s Commitment to Nature

Because coral reefs are the basis for all life at sea, Eagle Point Resort is an active supporter of organizations committed to their preservation.

The resort actively participates in efforts that not only seek to increase awareness for the conservation and protection but to ensure their propagation.

An effort now in place is the use of mooring buoys located at the different dive spots. Boaters are encouraged to tie their boats to the buoys and avoid dropping their anchors which damage these underwater treasures.

The resort also takes an active role in discouraging the use of dynamite and cyanide fishing which not only harm marine animals but destroy these precious coral reefs.


From Manila – go south on the South Expressway (SLEX) until the end of the toll gate.
Go straight and travel 7.5km to the start of STAR Tollway.
Enter STAR Tollway and go to the very end towards Batangas City (~40km).
At the end of STAR Tollway, at the rotunda, cross Manila-Batangas Highway and go onto Diversion Road towards Batangas International Port, and travel 3.5km.
RIGHT turn under over-pass onto Batangas-Balayan Highway towards Bauan,and travel 3.8km.
LEFT turn after Manghinao Bridge, Bauan towards Mabini, and travel 9.5km.
RIGHT turn on Mabini rotunda towards Anilao, and travel 1.7km.
LEFT turn on coastal road in anilao towards Barrio Bagalangit, and travel 8.8km.
RIGHT turn on EAGLE POINT RESORT private road and go to the very end to EPR parking lot (1.5km).


The principal owner of Eagle Point Resort is Attorney Ramon J. Quisumbing. Attorney Quisumbing heads the prestigious Quisumbing, Torres Law Firm which is affiliated with Baker and McKenzie International.

The Top Management Team

Sales and Marketing Team